Using Random Search to Tune the Hyperparameters of a Random Decision Forest with Python

random search hyperparameter tuning a regression model python

Random search is an efficient method for automated hyperparameter tuning machine learning models. Hyperparameters are model properties (e.g., the number of estimators for an ensemble model). Unlike model parameters, the machine learning algorithm does not discover the model hyperparameters during training. Instead, we need to specify them in advance. Finding … Read more

Forecasting Beer Sales with ARIMA in Python

forecasting beer sales arima

ARIMA (Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average) is a statistical modeling technique for time series analysis and forecasting. Compared to machine learning, ARIMA is a classical modeling approach that is particularly powerful when the time series being analyzed follows a clear pattern. This is, for example, the case when the time series … Read more

Classifying Purchase Intentions of Online Shoppers with Python

purchase intention prediction

Most online stores welcome countless visitors every day, but only a fraction of those visitors will make a purchase. Machine learning can predict whether online shoppers will buy something or browse around. This article will develop a classification model that predicts purchase intentions. Our model uses a Logistic Regression algorithm … Read more