Stock-Market Prediction using Neural Networks for Multi-Output Regression in Python

This article showcases multi-output neural networks for time-series regression and demonstrates their use in the context of stock market forecasting. We will train and test a Keras neural network with ten output neurons using historical price quotes for Apple stock. … Continued

Evaluate the Performance of Time Series Forecasting Models with Python

The evaluation of the prediction quality is a crucial step in the development of regression models. To evaluate regression models, we measure the deviation between predictions and actual values in numerical terms. Therefore, unlike classification models, regression models allow for … Continued

Stock Market Prediction using Univariate Time Series Models based on Recurrent Neural Networks with Python

Predicting the price of financial assets has fascinated researchers and analysts for many decades. While the traditional prediction methods of technical analysis and fundamental analysis are still widely used, interest is increasingly turning to machine-generated predictions based on deep learning. … Continued