Streaming Bitcoin Prices in Real-time via the Coinmarketcap API using Python

In this tutorial, you will learn how to stream bitcoin price quotes in real-time via a public API and save the data to a local SQLite database. Streaming price data lays the foundation for many exciting machine learning applications in … Continued

Forecasting Criminal Activity in San Francisco using XGBoost and Python

I recently came across an interesting Kaggle contest that involves predicting different types of criminal activity in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, in a huge city like San Francisco, numerous crimes occur daily. Among the most commonly reported are vehicle theft, … Continued

Forecasting Beer Sales with ARIMA in Python

ARIMA (Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average) is a useful statistical modelling technique for time series analysis and forecasting. Compared to machine learning, ARIMA is a classical modeling technique that is very strong especially when the time series to be analyzed follows … Continued

Color-Coded Cryptocurrency Price Charts in Python

An interesting way to visualize complex price trends are price charts that use color as an overlay. The color of the price line illustrates changes in another variable, such as the time lag between price points and the next bitcoin … Continued