Hi, my name is Florian. I am a Zurich-based Consultant for Machine Learning at the Swiss IT consulting firm ipt. I created this blog with two goals in mind: First, I want to deepen my knowledge of Machine Learning by writing about use cases and implementing interesting use cases. Secondly, I want to exchange thoughts and experiences with a wider audience. Finally, I see the blog as an opportunity to address the common gap between application and implementation of machine learning.

Many companies today have excellent data scientists with expertise in machine learning. However, for a successful implementation of machine learning projects it is important to combine these technical expertise with business knowledge on use cases and real-world problems. Identifying and implementing machine learning use cases is therefore still a big challenge for many companies.

With this blog I address this common gap between machine learning expertise and application knowledge by covering the implementation part of machine learning but also by providing use case specific information about the application of machine learning. If you are interested in this topic, you have come to the right place. Enjoy reading!


    Florian Müller, PhD
    Zurich, Switzerland


    • Hi, my name is Florian! I am a Zurich-based Data Scientist with a passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. After completing my PhD in Business Informatics at the University of Bremen, I started working as a Machine Learning Consultant for the swiss consulting firm ipt. When I'm not working on use cases for our clients, I work on own analytics projects and report on them in this blog.